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Please be reminded that your account is now under monitoring. You have not been posting in our forum. What you have been doing is logging in and out just to reset the time of your last login despite having your hosting account hosted with TFWH for 16 mths and only 6 posts.

You are now required to be active every 2 weeks. Failing which your account will be terminated without warning. All data loss will not be returned.

Thank you.

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非営利でやっているチームなので、英文もテンプレートからのコピペじゃなくて手で書いているっぽい。英語的にはいろいろおもしろいところがある。最初の段落の despite 以下は主語がそれ以前と一致していないみたいだとか、第2段落の which は先行詞が文の外にある、とか。